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GSM antenna importance gsm antenna has : gsm internal antenna ; GSM sucker antenna ; GSM 850/900 MHz Antenna Single Band Antenna; GSM 900/1800 MHz Car Antenna, Glass Mount Antenna, Gsm Dual Band, Gsm External Antenna, External Cellular Antennas;

The main factors affecting the performance of the We know , GPS is a satellite by receiving the signal for positioning or navigation terminal ( what is GPS ) . In the process of receiving a signal which must be used in the antenna , the signal will be called the receiving antenna GPS antenna. GPS satellite signal and the divided L1 L2, respectively 1575.42MHZ frequency and 1228MHZ, wherein L1 is open to civil signals , the signal is circularly polarized (GPS Principles ) . The signal strength is about 166-DBM, a relatively weak signal. These characteristics determine the need to prepare for the GPS signal receiving antenna specialist . Here Xiaobian introduce the GPS car antenna performance and Precautions knowledge (GPS positioning ) . Affect the performance of the GPS antenna is mainly the following aspects

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