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Jiashan Jinchang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise , specializing in the high-frequency antenna manufacturer , the products of the country's new products and the National Science and Technology Award for New Product Innovation Fund Award, the corporate team in the antenna industry for 28 years. Currently shared the 12 patents, enterprises IS9000 certified products have CE and FCC certification through SGS test ROHS directive . Enterprises with HP network tester, noise , high-frequency signal generator , anechoic chamber and other antenna testing equipment and facilities, 220 employees and eight production lines can be of various types of antennas 30,000 Nissan , 70 percent of products exported to Europe , the current Nokia, Motorola , Coca-Cola , Volkswagen, Audi , Datang , SEG and other companies are using the bulk of our products .

The main products ; GPS active antenna ; GPS + GSM combination antenna ; GSM antenna ; GSM internal antenna ; GPS passive antenna ; GPS marine antenna ; GPS omnidirectional antenna ; WiFi antenna ; GPS active internal antenna ; GPS dielectric antenna ; GPS + GSM + WIFI combination antenna ; GPS + GSM + FM combination antenna, antenna up to hundreds of product chain , covering wireless Internet access , wireless, wireless data transmission, satellite positioning, wireless digital television , public security armed judicial dedicated communication systems, civilian communications systems and other major applications. Quality is the life , we have been continuing to improve production processes and reduce production costs as much as possible in order to provide a stable and reliable customer quality , competitively priced products , is committed to the development of wireless communication technology , and strive to make wireless applications best scouts. To achieve this goal, we set up a high-quality professional R & D and sales teams : technical team have a college education and the well-known antenna companies have had more than five years of work experience , they themselves have industry-leading technology, and with domestic research institutions to establish a long-term partnership , innovation, research and development and international market new products ; service team working sales staff have a college degree or above , and in the medium and more companies have had considerable work experience, with good professional skills and service concept , not only that , the company is also working on a regular basis for all sales staff training in vocational skills and expertise to provide customers with better service !

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