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Jinchang Group Internal Training--Be The Most Valu

At the afternoon on 28th October, our internal training class was hosted in a fastastic hall of Longyuan Hotel. In order to improve the whole productivity of our team, all of us inclduing our production workers went together and enjoyed this fantasy afternoon together. Through this training, we had this chance to talk and play with each other, not just working and arguing. It made us feel good to be friends other than workmates who are always focusing on all kinds of working issues. Trust the working relationship between each other will be much better after this great activity.

The whole afternoon training could be divided into three parts: Mr Ping's training class of being the most valuable employee, competition of Centipede Climb & Conquer the newspaper, award party of Jinchang photography competition. 

Centipede Climb competition of Goldsun group, solar lights supplierDuring Mr Ping's training class, we learned that being an employee is not just working for money, we are working for ourselves. Employee grows with the factory, when you are out for a business trip, you are total represent the factory and the basic rule is being decent, act like you are the owner of this enterprise. If you do so, you will also earn respect from others and be awarded of management because you are the model others should look up to. When you are succeed, please be grateful to your old partner. Because people should be grateful to their former employer who plays a very important role in your growth and without them, we may be nothing. And Mr. Ping also emphasized the importance of happiness. Be happy is the most important thing in our life and work. Assume we all work 8 hours everyday, it makes such a difference that whether we spend 1/3 times of our life in a happy mood or not. Be happy to yourselves is a great virtue, be happy to others is basiclly polite and be happy to nobody is mean. 



Company games of Conque the newspaper, Goldsun solar lights

For the competition part, we had a lot of fun but also a deep understanding of the importance of team work. You could be a hero and very smart, but you can not change the world by yourself, right? As our boss put it, today is the competition of team work, without good team work, no one can succeed. Just like the Centipede Climb, all of us need to move with same speed and same leg, any mistake will broke the whole Centipede and fail. It is really important to test it out, much better than hundreds of words emphasize.

At last, we enjoyed the wonderful photos taken by our colleagues and it shows our great passion for life. Be thankful to the one helped you and also the one teach you lessons about the multiple sides of life. Throught this training, we are capable to manage both work and life more sophistcated.

Team focused service and family culture are the core competence of JInchang Group, and as a member of Jinchang, our Goldsun team would like to take this honor to thanks our boss Mr Chen to provide this training and we are definitely will carry forward and develop our culture in future, much stronger and prosperous! 

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